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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement plans pay the Part A hospital deductible and the Part B out-patient medical copay of 20% that is not covered by a Medicare. There is a single annual deductible (2022) of $233.00. You are protected nationwide with no network limitations. This is an excellent plan for cross-country travelers. You can reach out to us free of cost or obligation if you would like a quote or additional information.

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Changing Medicare Supplement Plans

You can change your Medicare Supplement plan anytime during the year, subject to underwriting. This means you can be declined if you have some health challenges or ongoing treatment requiring frequent visits to the doctor. However, you can change in your birthday month no questions asked. Your health history will not prevent you from changing to a lower cost plan. Your savings can be between $25 and $50 a month. Reach out to us and we’ll send out a bid.

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Part D Medicare Prescription Coverage

A Medicare Part D plan is a method of reducing your out-of-pocket expense for prescription drug coverage. Generally, the start of Part D, if you choose coverage, begins when you become eligible to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B. Enrollment in Part D is voluntary, but a penalty will accrue if you delay the start of your coverage until a future date. We can help you with all the details, or you might shop and enroll at MEDICARE.GOV if you have an extensive list of medications. 

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Medicare Advantage

A Medicare Advantage plan is the alternative to the Medicare Supplement. An Advantage plan is an HMO or PPO with a very low premium cost, between zero and $40 a month (including prescriptions). However, there is a trade-off. Advantage plans come with co-insurance, copays and out-of-pocket maximums. This is very cost-efficient coverage if you can avoid the doctor, and I can help you sort all or your choices in minutes. So, give me a call or send a message. You may consult with me without cost or obligation.

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Hospital Indemnity

A hospital indemnity insurance plan pays you cash for each day you visit overnight at the hospital. Cash paid to you, not the hospital or doctor. What do we all need if we have a medical problem? We need cash to pay the bills and cash to pay the downtime expenses when a medical emergency comes our way. The benefit amounts range from $300 a day, up to $600 a day. This is a great complement to an Advantage Plan, whose annual out-of-pocket expenses can reach $6,500 a year. The premium cost is about $35 a month.

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Long-Term Care

For anyone who lives long enough, the need for long- term care is very high. The challenge is, how do we pay for it? Simply stated, long-term care insurance pays a monthly benefit when the need arises, up to specified life-time maximum. Those benefit amounts are determined by premium cost. This is one we will need to talk about: call/text 541-480-4792

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Critical Illness

Very tough for everyone. What do we need if we are diagnosed with cancer cancer, a heart attack or a stroke? Well, we all need a lot of everything – family support, great medical care money to pay for expenses we can’t take care of while we are sick. A critical illness plan helps with the money part. In the event of a critical illness, you are paid a lump sum cash benefit to take care of the expenses you won’t be able to take care of while you are sick. Please contact us for details.

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Air and Ground Ambulance

Are you going to be out and about this year? Our air and ground ambulance coverage travels with you to ALL states. There are no insurance company network limitations, and you will not be subject to any geographic limitations that come with other air and ground ambulance coverage plans. No need to be concerned with how Medicare defines how much is paid. We pay the full expense. Only $27 a month for and individual and $35 a month for a couple.

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Term Life Insurance

This is an easy one. How much coverage do you want and for how long? Then decide on a budget and choose a plan that fits you needs and circumstances. You can contact me without cost or obligation for a quote. My services DO NOT include a sales pitch! We make it simple.

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Permanent Life Insurance

A permanent life plan, also known as cash value life insurance, works well for people around retirement age who simply don’t need a large amount of coverage. The cost is low, and the policy serves final expense needs very well. Universal life, which is better suited for growing families, businesses and estate planning, also has its place, provided that the policy design is structured correctly and not over-sold. We will need some dialogue here to evaluate the best plan of action. We will provide a need assessment without cost, obligation or an unnecessary sales pitch. Send a note or give us a call to set up a brief discussion.

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Safe Money Retirement Savings

Have you accumulated a retirement savings over your working lifetime? We are trusting most of you have earned a good rate of return. Maybe of few of you have not done so well. Either way, it may be time to capture your gains or stop your losses. An annuity plan guarantees you a fixed rate of return, protects you from stock market risk and vests 100% of your money for a spouse or other survivors of your estate. Most important, you gain complete ownership of your money. Your prior employer, investment firm or union may not be able to provide the same guarantees. So, let’s talk. Send us a note and we can share a few ideas on how you can become the architect of your retirement future.

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