Financial Planning for Ordinary People – Before It’s Too Late!the-duck-insurance-agency-retirement

As mentioned in the four rules, THE U.S. TAX CODE IS YOUR FRIEND! And one of the best tax-free investments you can make is permanent life insurance. Interest earnings on the cash value accumulate and compound tax-free. Money withdrawn as income from a permanent life insurance policy is not subject to taxation, which means you can create a tax-free pension plan while you are living. Stop paying insurance premiums and transform that same effort into creating living benefits. Permanent life insurance is a tool for creating an abundant life while you can enjoy it without having to worry about losing money in the stock market.

Life insurance is the basis for all financial planning regardless of your income level. So don’t just spend money on insurance premiums; leverage your resources. Create an income you won’t outlive, win the tax game, establish a secure retirement and worry less. Pass along anything you leave behind to your family, church or estate free of federal income tax.

Consider a tax-deferred annuity if you don’t need or want life insurance. It is a great alternative to a wildly fluctuating 401(k), mutual fund, securities investment or a low interest-bearing CD account. Current interest earnings are between 2.5% and 5% on a guaranteed basis. Your savings will accumulate tax-free until such time as you begin withdrawals, and an annuity provides you with safety of principal.

We all have the option of a less anxious present and a more prosperous future. Please call or send an e-mail to arrange a brief phone consultation. We’ll be glad to share a few ideas on how you can control your own destiny and reclaim ownership of your hard-earned money. All we need is some basic information and we’ll send out a proposal for your consideration.

Rule #1 – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

No need for panic as the market will return to positive status as it always has before. Selling out at a price lower than your initial investment may only compound your losses.

Rule #2 – DIVERSIFY your savings in a secure environment

Don’t risk losing money with everything you invest. You don’t need that kind of exposure.

Rule #3 – COMPOUND your interest rate earnings on a tax-free basis during the accumulation phase of your retirement plan.

Look it up in the rule book: The Tax Code is your friend.

Rule #4 – CREATE a tax-free pension plan that you own

We know you love to pay taxes, but why not learn to love paying less in taxes? MAXIMIZE your income by MINIMIZING your taxation. Don’t outlive your income by watching your principal value on your investments crash in a down market.